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What is important to focus on?  Where do we start? How are we doing relative to our industry peers?  Why is there so much focus on CO2? What wave of innovation is next?  Is this feasible?  What is the value proposition?  These are the questions keeping business leaders up at night. 


Finding answers to important questions is part of a customized approach uncovering strategically aligned opportunities for growth, innovation, feasible options, and tangible value.  I can help.

Benchmarking & Gap Analysis

Benchmarking finds insight and innovation by comparing your project, methods, systems, supply chain, or processes with the best practices and how to use this information to drive improvement.



Materiality assessments are action learning opportunities aimed at engaging stakeholders to find out how important specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are to them. The insights are then used to guide strategy and communication, reporting, and help organizations tell a more meaningful sustainability story.


Carbon Assessment & Valuation

Goals of carbon neutrality are a great place to start, but a tragic place to stop without understanding how we get from where we are today to achieve these goals. This starts by Identifying the material sources of CO2 equivalent of GHG emissions. Collect data on quantities, calculate a baseline footprint, look for reduction opportunities, valuation and product declarations, options for offsets along with handprints, and processes for continued measurement and management.


Industry Analysis

Understand how expectations are changing. Analysis of the industry's evolving environment helps guide business leaders to grow and survive in a competitive environment.  What are your blind spots? This action learning opportunity can help you gain a competitive edge in the industry as we backcast from a future vision of sustainable business practices to predict changes in the market and analyze the threats and opportunities that will inform decision making.

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Let's Work Together

I provide specialized advisement and skills, enable innovative thinking, and can draw on experience from across sectors to help business leaders experience success.

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