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I Help Organizations Understand & Value Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Sustainability...

... so that a strategic vision of a more sustainable future is possible




Robert Sroufe is the author of the award-winning book "Integrated Management", and advises organizations on how to integrate and translate sustainability into business value.

I'm here to enable global sustainability as an enthusiastic speaker, consultant, integrator, and scholar. I want to help you and your organization turn issues and obstacles into opportunities for more sustainable business practices.

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My books are written for practitioners and anyone wanting to learn about these important topics.  They are action-oriented and are resources for quickly getting up to speed on sustainability topics, starting new projects, and measuring performance.

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I am a globally recognized scholar and keynote speaker offering insights on corporate and social sustainability as well as other related sustainability topics.  I bring knowledge, experience and passion to inspire change when I work with your organization to understand how best to connect with your audience.

Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Dioxide


Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Neutrality
Carbon Neutrality and Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Neutrality
Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Neutrality
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