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My scholarly work with colleagues in over a dozen countries, work with corporations, and work within universities provide a foundation for creative inquiry.  I can help turn problems into opportunities.  When working with partners on projects ranging from speaking engagements to curriculum development, training, or advising, I am a trusted thought partner, collaborator, and coach providing a customized approach to every interaction, timely information, and focused best practices.

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I can confidently deliver compelling stories and actionable practices with many successful speaking engagements at conferences, professional associations, consulting engagements, and corporate events.  I work with enterprises to ensure the message will relate to an audience, and provide the credibility to back up the message with evidence-based practices.  I am passionate about change management, the integration of more sustainable business practices and making a difference at your event.

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I have a client-first focus with a demonstrable depth of experience in finding the value proposition for the integration of sustainability and business practices. See the About Me page for the types of consulting and advising I can help with.  My skills as an analytical problem solver coupled with my ability to listen to your needs is part of my drive to be a valued resource for executives and entire enterprises.  Whether working with you on a defined project or being available on retainer, the focus is on delivering value to you.

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Curriculum Design

Every aspect of effective curriculum and training programs should have clear objectives or end goals to achieve. Good curriculum can be fluid - it allows room for flexibility, monitoring and evaluation by those who helped design and deliver it.  Assurance of learning aligned with accreditation standards enable 360 degree feedback, improvement opportunities, and continuous improvement. The integration of sustainability into programs, courses and training modules should provide sufficient scope for the cultivation of emerging skills, diverse interests, and best practices.

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As a prolific scholar, I'm available to work with you on collaborative projects.  As an effective writer I can help distill complex thoughts and ideas into simple, clear language that's quickly understood by others. My ability to do this can help you tackle even the densest subject matter by breaking it down into uncomplicated, meaningful pieces.

General Questions?

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